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The Pure Oyster Company is a very old established business, we pride ourselves on supplying some of the finest quality sustainable Fish and Shellfish available, fresh or frozen. We only stock products that our current customers require thus being able to maintain quality, but like a true wholesaler and depending on the season and weather we are able to acquire any product on request from one of our many suppliers around the country.


One of our main aims is to be able to continually give our customers a 6 day a week delivery service at the time they require and with no charges for small orders, we understand that our customers have quiet and busy days.

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Our History

The Pure Oyster Company is an old established family business, founded in London by Janet Tabor and her two sons, Joe and Harold, on the 25th September 1907.


The company was set up by the Directors of George Tabor Limited to promote the sale of ‘purified’ oysters through their newly developed purification tank system, thereby helping to halt the rapid decline in oyster consumption that had occurred over the preceding years; people had become ill, sometimes fatally, by consuming oysters harvested from water that had become polluted. A “Certificate of Purity” could accompany all oysters dispatched by The Pure Oyster Company.


The company is an associate company of George Tabor Limited, which was established by Yeoman Tabor at Brightlingsea, Essex, in 1520.


Today there are Five Tabors in the company: Anthony (Managing Director), Chris, Stuart, Nick and Tom. As wholesale Fish merchants The Pure Oyster Company now sells not only Oysters but all varieties of live, fresh and frozen seafood, from their purpose built premises at Pease Pottage in West Sussex.

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Tel:+44(0)1293 549843
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The Pure Oyster Company
Imperial House, Old Brighton Road,
RH11 9AH Pease Pottage, Crawley

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